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Application Creation

Every web application starts with the people who's problem you are solving.

Doing so creates meaning, meaning that needs to be transmitted through your web application.

That is where Laravel Freelancer comes in. Creating a web application that aligns your goals with those of your customers and their customers.

UX Design

User Experience Design (and inherently user Interface Design) play a big part in the application

The goal of the UX Laravel Freelancer designs is to give the user a smooth and effective experience.

Laravel Freelancer designs user experiences and interfaces that follow the KISS principle with the primary focus on human behaviour.

Laravel Development

The actual web application is the foundation to delivering your solutions.

Its a support system to transmit meaning to your customers and must serve them.

Laravel Freelancer creates fast, reliable, manageable Laravel applications that make life easier for everyone involved.

Laravel hosting

You can host your application on Laravel Freelancer's servers. Hosting includes a live and a test environment to support development.

Laravel Freelancer's server tech stack is very fast and optimized for large loads. Being able to deal with high volumes of users.

Featured Projects


Laravel ArangoDB Database driver.

Currently supports raw AQL queries and migrations.

With the upcoming FluentAQL query builder full Eloquent/Query Builder support is expected in may 2019.


Platform agnostic ArangoDB AQL Query Builder in PHP.

Scheduled to be released in april 2019


High traffic hunting community website featuring a product finder and quiz that draw a lot of visitors who enjoy its simple features.

The older application platform behind this site is cumbersome and sluggish, placing high demands on effective caching to deal with traffic spikes.

De Vechtschool

De Vechtschool is a training institute for self-defense and personal effectiveness.

Martial Arts principles are combined with behavioral science to help people improve themselves and increase their capability to deal with conflict.

About me

Bas de Groot

You are offering a solution to your customers, this satisfies you and gives meaning to your working life. So would that be the same for your customers? Who's problem are they solving?

The web application you want me to create is the high way to transmit that meaning.
Let's make it awesome in simplicity and effectiveness!




Enschede, The Netherlands